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Unearthing new opportunities can be easy, IF you know where to look. This course will get you started on what questions to ask, and where to find the answers to inspire ideas.

Have you ever been in a team meeting, where you look at a problem with no insights to a solution? It’s stressful and frustrating.

Now you can learn how to tap into people’s emotional reasons behind their buying decisions. Critical in creating innovative offerings to keep your customers excited and loyal.

You’ll use our exclusive Question-Topics designed by our in-house research guru to uncover the in-depth Why? Going way beyond the standard Yes/No surveys.

Playing detective and uncovering hidden clues is stimulating for you and your team. While customers love being asked for their input, so they can make a difference.

Delivery is online with short, friendly videos for each step, interactive PDF Workbook packed with Templates & How-To Tips, and Handbook.

Join me, Judy, and together we’ll unearth your opportunities.

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