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Got An Idea? Is It Worth Pursuing?

With a mountain of things on your plate, the last thing you need, is to be distracted by an idea that just adds to the clutter.

You need to know fast, if it’s got legs. Or maybe it’s just the start of an even better idea?

We’ve been there, and it’s exactly why we developed Fast-Track:

In just 7 Steps in 7 Days, this is your quickest way to accelerate from Bright Idea to Business Case without worrying about viability. With these easy steps you can put your idea through the test, to see if it’s worth taking further.

It might turn out that you identify that it’s just not worth going further. Trust me that’s a good outcome.

So much worse if we’ve become so personally vested that you can’t let go.

If it does look like a game-changer, you want to be able to present the Business Case.  We’ve designed the steps so they answer the pressing questions, any stakeholder would want answered before getting behind it.

Fast-Track builds the story behind your Bright Idea.  Because without a compelling story, it’s still just an idea. The story brings it alive. So, we’ve developed a ‘fill in the blanks’ story template to make it engaging. To bring people along with you.

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