Got An Idea? Is It Worth Pursuing?

With a mountain of things on your plate, the last thing you need,

is to be distracted by an idea that just adds to the clutter.

You need to know fast, if it’s got legs.  Or maybe it’s just the start of an even better idea?

We’ve been there, and it’s exactly why we developed Fast-Track:

Bright Idea to Business Case in just 7 Steps in 7 Days!

What's included

Fast-Track: Bright Idea to Business Case

Video Course & Workbook


Insight-packed digest of global consumer trends in Covid-19

Personal Power-Chat

First 5 people per week. The perfect sounding board to help you with your idea and opportunity development.

What NOW?

Everything was going swimmingly, then this virus hit.

You’ve picked yourself up and hashed out ideas, and they seem pretty good.

But what happens if they don’t work?  What happens if they miss the mark?

They’re the questions we asked ourselves when we started playing with a new idea.

Of course, with our background in market research we knew exactly what needed to be done. But knowing how many of you are embarking on bringing something new to your market, we developed Fast-Track.

In just 7 easy Steps, you’ll know if your Bright Idea is going to blossom into a Business Case.

Because there’s nothing more frustrating and costly than heading in the wrong direction and having to back-track!

It happens to all of us. In fact, we learn from our biggest mistakes.

But there’s only so much learning you’ve got the energy for. 

Umm, if only there was a system to make the process easier?

That’s exactly what we asked ourselves, which sent us to the whiteboard. And the outcome is our 7 Fast-Track Steps.

Which we tested with our own ideas.

Before we took our Bright Idea through the 7 Steps, it was taking over our head space.  But not in a focused way. It was distracting from other stuff that just needed doing.

Working through the steps is a methodical way of testing the logic and potential for the idea. Finding its sweet spot.  Giving us perspective of where it would fit in our business.

And as so often happens with raw ideas, it morphed into something else.

We’ll come back to ‘our’ bigger idea later. But right now, we’re here to help you find the right idea to run with. 

The birth of Fast-Track:

Bright Idea to Business Case 

Video Course & Workbook

You can get on the Fast-Track! In just 7 Steps in 7 Days, this is your quickest way to accelerate from Bright Idea to Business Case without worrying about viability. With these easy steps you can put your idea through the test,

to see if it’s worth taking further.

It might turn out that you identify that it’s just not worth going further. Trust me that’s a good outcome.

So much worse if we’ve become so personally vested that you can’t let go.

If it does look like a game-changer, you want to be able to present the Business Case.  We’ve designed the steps so they answer the pressing questions, any stakeholder would want answered before getting behind it.

Fast-Track builds the story behind your Bright Idea.  Because without a compelling story, it’s still just an idea. The story brings it alive. So, we’ve developed a ‘fill in the blanks’ story template to make it engaging. To bring people along with you.

Stuck finding the right idea?

Coming up with ideas is pretty easy for us - not because we’re creative geniuses!  But because part of our work with our clients is systematically looking for opportunities. 

We scour the planet looking for trends, then come up with ideas that fit our clients.

It’s a bit of a cliché, but Covid-19 has presented some interesting opportunities. 

And why we’ve developed Opportunity-Finder. This is our summary of the key opportunities that are presenting themselves right now. In a world that’s different, that dramatically changed overnight.

A world where it’s no longer viable to keep doing what you did before.

Yes, people will work to keep things as normal as possible. But there are deep-seated emotional changes, that businesses need to be aware of. 

Often just those small subtle changes to the way we do things, will influence your business.

Businesses that understand, empathise, and embrace the new opportunities are the businesses of the future.

So, when you purchase the Fast-Track Video Course and Workbook, you’ll get a free copy of our exclusive Opportunity-Finder.

This has cost us $20,000 to produce, and is part of the service we present to our corporate clients.

These are opportunities that are now part of our Covid-world. Opportunities that can spring-board your next Bright Idea

Not only does Opportunity-Finder present the global trends, but we explore some creative stimulation. Idea-starters to get your creative juices flowing.

We sell this on its own for NZ$449, but as part of Fast-Track you can seize it for free.

If you see your future beyond tomorrow, then stop trying to go back to the past. There’s a bright future ahead for anyone who chooses to embrace it.

Let’s Do It Together!

There’s heaps of scientific proof that collaboration is the best way to develop ideas, and explore the opportunities.

It’s tough in isolation! Lockdowns are challenging because we’re wired to be social. And why sharing your idea with an independent mind, one that’s not as cluttered with your day-to-day, is a valuable resource.

One you can access right now - as a very limited offer!

The first 5 people to sign up for this week’s class will also receive a one-on-one 30-Minute Power-Chat with us.

Strictly Confidential. We’ll even give you a signed NDA, so you feel comfortable about sharing your idea. 

We want to help as many businesses as we possibly can…but there are only so many hours in a week!

So don’t miss this golden opportunity to get your idea off the ground. 

You’ll have all the tools you need to explore any idea you have in the future.

You’ll also get free access to Opportunity-Finder laced with creative stimulation.

Plus, a one-on-one Power-Chat with either Eriks or Judy who’ve been helping businesses innovate for decades.

All this would normally cost you NZ$1,098, but at this time of great need it’s only $340

Secure your spot right now!

Before we leave you...

We’ve made our fair share of mistakes when it comes to innovation. But as we said earlier, you learn from them.

They are stressful though, so avoiding the obvious ones makes a big difference. 

Everyone will tell you, “you need to do your homework”.  And that’s right, but what sort of homework? What sort of questions do you need to ask? Because here’s the challenge.

True innovation comes from a deep understanding of your customer’s aspirations and challenges in everyday life.

Yet, what’s presented as research for business is often in the form of those annoying, persistent little surveys on “how did we do?” Which is zero help, when you need the insights to spark new ideas, and take control your future.  

It’s WHAT you ask and HOW, because even just a subtle change in the way you talk to people,

can make a massive difference.

It’s why our life’s work has been about finding the right balance. Gathering the vital information,

you need to make the right decisions, without breaking the bank.

It’s driven us to create our own Social-Forum chat platform, and The Engagement Method™. Enabling customer conversations that are refreshingly warm & friendly, and fun to participate in. As well as affordable.

Our mission is to break the cycle of irritating people for feedback! Those same people you expect to

support you with their loyalty and dollars.

When you think about it, it’s common sense. Just treat people as real!

Fast-Track will give you a taste of our world, where people come first.

Eriks and Judy Celmins - ThriveableBiz