You can only understand your audience's motivations, if you have a conversation with them.

I've read countless posts all talking about the importance.

But the options for actually doing it, seem to be limited to hitting them up at the tail-end of the transaction.

Prefer to read?  Transcript below ...

I read so many posts about the value of having a conversation with your audience. But what I don’t understand is why most businesses don’t do it!  So I did some of my own research, and discovered after reading countless articles, that on one actually tells you how to do it.

Now this would normally be a deeper discussion, but just for now here’s a couple of thought starters.

As a customer, what if you received a phone call out of the blue. Or send a survey link out of context. Is that really a conversation?  Or what if a personal question was thrown out on social media.  Is that appropriate? Some people don’t mind what goes out in public, but most do, which is why I developed my own private, secure chat platform.

Show your audience some respect for their time and opinions, and not just lip-service. And you’ll be well rewarded.

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