It's time to Play With Matches 

And Spark a Bright Idea!

You’re endlessly told to pivot and reinvent yourself in the ‘new normal’.

So you can seize new opportunities.

But one of the biggest challenges is coming up with fresh ideas.

In this FREE, fun & friendly frolic, we invite you to learn 5 Proven Success-Plays.

How's your creativity going?

I heard a fascinating, true story recently, about an event where a Hypnotist was the entertainment.

Now, he's had people on stage for the past 40 years, and claims a pretty high success rate.

But in our Covid-stressed world he couldn’t get even ONE under his spell. That says a lot about our underlying anxiety, even if we think we’re doing OK.

And if you’re in business, a big part of what you need to do right now, is create new ideas.

Which of course, needs a relaxed, open-mind, while under pressure.  Yeah, right ... how does that work?

PLAY with PURPOSE is the way to let go & fly. 

So join us now for our 5 Proven Success-Plays.

Come on. Let's have some fun!

Enjoy practical topics, from Shower-Storming to Star Wars.

In 5 bite-sized chunks, at your own pace.

All you need bring are loose clothing and an open-mind!

You’ll think differently about your business.

When you Play With Matches to Spark your Bright Idea.

The game you can fire-up, over & over again.