New Marketing Ideas

for Small Businesses

As a small business fresh marketing is critical to your growth. But where do new ideas come from, to break through the noise and boost your sales? They start with a deep understanding of your customer needs, and a clear plan so you can make better, faster decisions.

No Reason to Limit Your Potential

You have a choice. You could keep doing a good job and rely on word-of-mouth for new customers. This ‘organic’ growth is OK up to a point, but progress is slow and unreliable. You’ll hit a glass wall and struggle to break through beyond that.

And if your marketing hasn’t been updated for a while, you’re out of step with current conditions.

Which leaves you highly vulnerable when a new competitor or other issue comes along. You’ll feel like events are out of your control and grab at any sort of Band-Aid to fix the problem. Too little, too late!

Instead, imagine having a rock-solid, well-researched plan that includes an analysis of your market, the latest insights into customer behaviour and motivations, and a roadmap for growth.

Which you can refer to whenever you make decisions. Not only to answer “what to do”, but also, just as important, “what NOT to do”.

There’s no point in committing valuable resources to a decision that doesn’t support your goals. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of excellent execution of a weak strategy.

This is the core of our Thriveable Pathway© to Breakthrough Marketing program. Tailored specifically for your needs and budget.

Let’s chat and map it out for you!

Ready, Fire, Aim!

A common reason why a marketing campaign fails is the lack of a big-picture plan. The roadmap of WHERE your business is going, WHY it matters to your customers, and HOW you’ll achieve your goals.

Advertising planning often jumps straight into channel selection – with assumptions about customer needs. But without the discipline of a roadmap, there’s a high risk of blindly rushing in. Throwing ideas and money at the situation until something sticks, as the funnel turns into a financial black hole.

You also miss out on the real motivations behind customer behaviour and new opportunities when their needs change.

Thriveable Pathway by ThriveableBiz

The result is being dragged into a ‘race to the bottom’ discount war with competitors. That does nothing for building stronger customer relationships and your point-of-difference value beyond price. These are the essential ingredients of a growing revenue stream. You control value and price on your terms – not dictated by your competitors.

Our Thriveable Pathway© to Breakthrough Marketing program ensures your advertising hits the target.

It's a learning & growing experience to share with your team and collaborators, for the long-term, future health of your business.

The Bottom Line

We understand that every small business is at different stages of its growth cycle. And that’s why we have pricing and payment flexibility built into the Thriveable Pathway©.

But to give you a sense of potential costs, here are the starting points at each Step.

Step 1

Market Analysis

Starts at $3,750, for a comprehensive Market Analysis Report on your current position and recommendations for next steps. Including a competitor review, ‘desk research’ into your industry, and the latest consumer trends applicable to your situation. Our Assumptions Challenge Test will unearth conventional practices that may be holding you back. The outcome is a clear understanding of your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), potential differentiation strategy, and tips for future-proofing.

Step 2

Insights Research

We engage directly with your customers for an Insights Research Report into their behaviour, emotional motivations beyond price, values, and attitudes. We capture their ‘pain’ in their own words, and potential solutions. Identify their ‘Persona segments’ for precision targeting, and the Influencers to amplify your marketing. Methods can include a survey, group chat, and personal interviews. Depending on your needs and any existing research, costs range from $5,000 - $15,000.

Step 3

Growth Strategy

From $2,900 for a detailed Growth Strategy Report as your roadmap for decision-making. This will integrate key points from the Market Analysis and Insights Research Reports and/or your existing information resources into a clear, easy-to-follow reference document. It will start with your current situation and customer needs, and lay out how to counter competitor moves, avoid discount wars, and expand your offerings, market potential, and profitability with a unique position.   

Pay as You Go

We fit in with your budget and needs. Pay at each Step, when you need the answers. Think of it as a way of test-driving our relationship!

You’ll also receive a free Bonus Subscription to Heartbeat, our monthly Vital Signs of customer trends, attitudes, and values to inspire new ideas.

Commitment Means Savings

However, if you commit to all three Steps at once, you’ll receive a 20% discount on the quoted price.

This means the minimum price of your Thriveable Pathway program is $6,655.

How to Get Started

You have two options.

1. Schedule a confidential Power Chat with Judy to discuss your needs and aspirations.

2. Dip your toe in the water and purchase the Breakthrough Marketing Action List for just $49. We review your current business and give you quick pointers on the best way forward.

BTW, the $49 is credited against your later purchase of any one of the three Steps.

What’s Your ROI?

There are three significant benefits to your business when investing in the Thriveable Pathway to Breakthrough Marketing program.

marketing ideas for small business Take Control - Regain your freedom - ThriveableBiz
  • Time saved agonising over and/or debating marketing decisions with your team. The roadmap is your filter for not only what to do next - but also what to avoid. So you don’t go off on tangents of no value to your customer needs. This can also apply to your business in general, as your customer is at the heart of everything you do.
  • Resources saved on wasteful advertising content and messaging that do nothing to a) drive your point-of-difference and b) create an emotional connection with your customers in their ever-changing world. Transactional ‘commodity’ advertising is the killer of a small business when it’s a discounting war with competitors that eats at your profit margins. Think about this – if you can insert your competitor’s name in your ads and it fits, then you’re a commodity. With no value but price and no customer loyalty.   
  • Long-term buffer against the storms of change. It’s not just Covid - life in the 20s will be buffeted by various influences. E.g. climate change, geopolitical conflict, social division, and the economy. So instead of being on the back foot, reacting to events, take control. When you have a roadmap, you can be proactive. Plan for change ahead of time and quickly adapt. Because you already know the priorities and actions for protecting your customer relationships and business.

What is the Thriveable Pathway©?

We have a wide variety of tools and techniques to navigate through your specific situation and challenges.

This is NOT one rigid package that wastes your time and money on activity of no relevance to you.

It IS a series of logical, flexible steps that we’ve used for over 30 years to help many types of businesses grow their customers and sales.

marketing ideas for small business Take Control - Regain your freedom - ThriveableBiz

We can design a personalised Thriveable Pathway© for you from our resources of interactive workbooks, videos, checklists, tip-sheets, and templates to guide you to your most profitable destination.

To follow at your own pace and budget, and use over & over again as your situation changes.

Addressing the key areas of…

  • Building stronger customer relationships.
  • Discovering unmet customer needs.
  • Identifying potential opportunities.
  • Matching opportunities with your Superpower capabilities.
  • Generating targeted new ideas.
  • Creating a marketing story that resonates with customers.

Next Level - Innovate To Win!

Are you a Dreamer or Doer?

A Doer is in for the long haul of building their business for sustainable growth. And this is where our next level Innovate To Win program kicks in.

We’ve developed this specifically for a small business to continually update your offering and messaging. Staying relevant as customer needs evolve and your competitors up the ante on new ideas. Breakthrough Marketing is not a once-only, set & forget activity. Today’s ‘wow’ is tomorrow’s ‘meh’.

We work with your business as a monthly ‘on-tap’ service. In consultation with you, we use your Step 3 Growth Strategy to guide ongoing actions.

Depending on your specific needs, our service could include the following …

  • Run regular Customer Insights Research to update changes in their needs and attitudes.
  • Monitor global customer trends and opportunities for innovation.
  • Be your sounding board – whenever you want a second opinion to sense-check that a decision fits your Growth Strategy.
  • Review your marketing to make sure it’s cutting through.
  • Work with your delivery/customer-facing team on ideas for improving systems and the customer experience.
  • Ideation sessions to seize new opportunities.
  • Team/Key Client workshops to update your Growth Strategy.
  • Attendance at Team meetings for feedback and training.
  • Fast-response feedback to managing an event or disruption.

Innovate To Win is a ‘Living, Learning Strategy’ that always keeps you up-to-date with knowledge and actions. Our commitment is to always be there for you. Price, content, and duration of service to suit your situation.

Contact Judy for a confidential Power Chat about your needs.  

Why We Do This

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed in small business these days. Frustrated at a lack of progress, while bogged down in the detail!

There’s so much uncertainty and disruption in the world. But with the upside of potential new opportunities out there. But how do you find the time and focus to figure out where to jump next?

marketing ideas for small business Take Control - Regain your freedom - ThriveableBiz

We get it! As a small business ourselves, we’ve done the hard yards in retail, mentoring, market research, creative media-content, IT development, event promotional & PR management, and business strategy. For over 3 decades, and internationally including Australia, NZ, the South Pacific, Asia, and UK/Europe.

What we’ve learned, and continue to put into practice, is how to cut through what at first seems like a twisted tangle of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats into a methodical approach. Usually starting with the customer! 

And why, from the raw materials of our experiences, we’ve painstakingly hand-crafted all the individual elements of our Thriveable Pathway© to Breakthrough-Marketing. Ready to apply to your category, situation, and budget.

Common-sense always costs less!

As we help you quickly untangle issues and seize new opportunities with a clear action-plan.

Our clients see us as their 'secret weapon' - here are just a few of them. 

Jason Staveley Head of Music GOLD104.3 & WSFM

Eriks is a great thinker.

I've had the honour of knowing Eriks for over 20 years and lucky enough to have his wisdom to draw upon professionally for many of those years. Eriks is a great thinker, an excellent strategist, and asks the right questions - of audiences and of you as a 'client'. On a personal level, Eriks is one of the kindest, most empathetic people. A wonderful man to know.

Dean Buchanan Group Director - Entertainment NZME

Track record of working with winning teams & brands.

He is a world leader in understanding the science of research and audience insights, Eriks has a massive brain and his ability to listen, challenge, and collaborate to set a strategic plan is what sets him apart. His track record of working with winning teams and brands speaks for itself and is now, legendary.

Craig Bruce Craig Bruce Coaching

Combination of left and right brain thinking

Eriks is a unique combination of left and right brain thinking. He has the focus and analytical skills to drive any research project, combined with years of programming tier 1 radio stations that allows him to speak the language of today's content creators. I love working with him.

Our Core Belief

Marketing is the heart of Business

Customers are the heart of Marketing

Trust is the heart of Customers

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