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Fast Track – Bright Idea To Business Case


You’re about to discover an amazing rinse-and-repeat system.

It instantly reveals:

  • Which of your ideas to focus on now
  • How to tweak your ideas to get maximum value in minimum time
  • How to uncover a heap of new profitable ideas – and position yourself for the biggest customer trends ahead.

You can easily fall in love with an idea that bleeds your budget dry.

You might believe you have NO good ideas – when you’re sitting on a potential goldmine.

Or you might waste $thousands on a “bad” idea that just needed a few tweaks.

Having spent decades in market research, I can tell you pitfalls are everywhere.

So I want to give you a proven roadmap to navigate this minefield.

Follow these 7 easy steps and discover…

How to develop your most profitable idea in 7 days – guaranteed.

Don’t waste another second on dud ideas and dead ends.

This simple, methodical process includes:

  • 7 Steps to Your Winning Idea: Get a new step delivered to your inbox each day. Within the week you know which of your ideas are likely to work.


  • Your “Idea Story” Workbook and Templates: Every profitable idea fits into this template. It’s a fast, low risk way to validate your ideas before you go to market.


  • Deep Dive Survey Questions: Turn a “good idea” into a cash-producing monster. Almost nobody asks these questions. Yet they deliver startling insights you hadn’t considered before.


  • Email Support to answer any questions you have. You are never left alone through these steps.


  • Special offer – only if you’re quick and one of the first 5 people to sign up. You get a one-on-one mentoring call to discuss your best ideas. This alone is worth $200, so please act fast to secure it.


  • BRAND NEW “Opportunity Digest” worth $449.00NZ: Like it or not, the “new normal” will have winners and losers. So position yourself on the right side. This profit-packed digest is fully updated with ten new trends. Many of them began after Covid-19.

Once you’ve completed this process, your marketing is straightforward.

You know exactly:

  • Where to find new customers
  • What message is likely to work
  • How to craft a magnetic offer

That alone saves you tens-of-thousands marketing your idea.

And I haven’t even mentioned the time savings.

You could waste years following conflicting advice online.

You could spend your life savings on expensive coaches and consultants.

So, join me today, Judy