Full Innovate To Win Path


The ultimate course to kick-start your innovation journey.

You’ll receive:

  • Access to all of our video courses, including step-by-step worksheets.
  • Power-Chat Topic Builder which guides you through the right questions at the right time to unearth your customers’ deeper Why?
  • Our exclusive Mash-Up Mixer, a powerful tool that clashes the unexpected to create new ideas.
  • Your copy of Opportunity-Finder, along with periodic updates.
  • A personal one-on-one Power-Chat, where we dive into your issues and design an innovation pathway specifically for you.
  • Access to our Social Forum chat-platform, for a group session with customers, including design, set-up and training.
  • Copy of our Innovate To Win eBook

Innovation isn’t just one great idea. In our disrupted world, it means a new mindset where you’re constantly challenging the way things are done. So you can deliver a product/service that’s timely and relevant to your customers’ evolving needs.

We start the course by showing you how to explore new trends, along with a deep dive into customer needs, and your team’s feedback from the coal-face.

Then you move on to turning these opportunities you’ve identified, into new ideas. You don’t have to be a creative genius! We give you fun & engaging tools that anyone can use.

The third and final stage is sense-checking your new concept with your customers & team to see if it has the legs to go further.

Delivery: online to learn at your own pace, supported by a short explainer-video at every step, and a detailed, interactive PDF workbook.

Plus you’ll have access to our exclusive tools Power-Chat Topic-Builder, Social Forum Chat-Platform, Mash-Up Mixer, Opportunity-Finder, Innovate To Win eBook, and a Personal-Chat with me on your specific issues.

Investment: $1999

This is just a taste of what’s packed into Innovate To Win. For further information please contact Judy judy@thriveablebiz.com.