How Do I Find Startup

Business Ideas?

Blend opportunities with your skills to create your unique business.

How do you come up with an idea for a business?

Over the years I’ve been asked that question lots of times, and I never knew how to answer it. Ideas just came to me.

So, my next thought was to develop a pathway to ideas, because it’s not just one thing, it’s a blend.

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How do you turn your Superpower into a business?

Ideas can come to you at the strangest times. Maybe while you're out for a walk, or having a shower! 

Understanding that gives you permission to stop staring at your computer. Ending the frustration of going round in circles. 

The good news is that there are heaps of opportunities in our current disrupted environment .You just have to know where to look.

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Your new business might be hiding under the wrong questions!

It’s only when you start asking the RIGHT questions, that opportunities to create an exciting new business become obvious.

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Reducing Start-Up failures

When we built our Thriveable Pathway©, we first asked Why should so many Start-Ups fail?”

Which led to the next key question, What If we could reduce the failure rate?”.

This example is just the starting point. The next step is to keep drilling down, asking & answering with the How of solving the Why problem you’ve identified and making What If a viable reality.

This is How you develop your twist, your special X-Factor. It’s How you challenge the way things have always been done.

Think of big names that started out from humble beginnings, just like you - Uber, Netflix, and Amazon. They all questioned the status quo by asking Why, What If, How?

There’s no magic bullet to success of course, but many failures could have been avoided with a clear, logical approach to asking the right questions.

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What is the Thriveable Pathway©?

We have a wide variety of tools and techniques to navigate through your specific situation and challenges.

This is NOT one rigid package that wastes your time and money on activity of no relevance to you.

It IS a series of logical, flexible steps that we’ve used for over 30 years to help many types of businesses grow their customers and sales.

startup business ideas

We can design a personalised Thriveable Pathway© for you from our resources of interactive workbooks, videos, checklists, tip-sheets, and templates to guide you to your most profitable destination.

To follow at your own pace and budget, and use over & over again as your situation changes.

Addressing the key areas of…

  • Sense-checking your Bright Idea.
  • Searching for unmet customer needs.
  • Identifying potential opportunities.
  • Matching opportunities with your Superpower capabilities.
  • Generating targeted new ideas.
  • Creating a Business Case Story for potential stakeholders.

Our Thriveable Pathway© is a learning & growing experience for the long-term, future health of your new business.

Why We Do This

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed as a Start-Up business, striving to pull it all together, while bogged down in the implementation detail, often outside your skill-set! While questioning if you’re heading in the right direction.

What takes a new business off-track is a big topic but, in our experience, it comes down to three major themes.

1. Ego. There’s much pride in being an entrepreneur, in starting any business. From the very beginning of your Bright Idea, you get obsessed with the dream of where it can go. And that’s a good thing, you need that self-belief. But you also need to know when to rein it in - when to stop, or head in a different direction.

2. Not Asking & Listening. Many come unstuck by not asking the right questions of the right people, or actively listening to their response. The good news is that unearthing the real meaning of what potential customers say, is an essential business skill that anyone can learn.

3. Lack of Planning. Success stories come from understanding market potential and nuances in our constantly changing, disrupted new world. There are many potential new opportunities out there, but how do you find the time and focus to figure out where to jump?

We get it! As a Small Business ourselves, we’ve done the hard yards as a start-up, retail, mentoring, market research, creative media-content, IT development, event promotional & PR management, and business strategy for over 3 decades, and internationally including NZ/Australia, South Pacific, Asia, and UK/Europe.

What we’ve learned, and continue to put into practice, is how to ask the right questions in clear, logical steps.

 Learn more with our Free Start-Up Masterclass on taking the Thriveable Pathway© to your entrepreneurial dream.

Our clients see us as their 'secret weapon' - here are just a few of them. 

Daniel Martin Future Business Owner

I Learned So Much

Judy, thank you for all of the help you have given me as I have learnt so much from you and has really made me think a lot more about the future of the business.

Louise Frankland

Fresh Way Of Reviewing Ideas

I’ve read a lot of stuff about bringing ideas to market. This is a really fresh way of looking at a new idea from the customer’s viewpoint.

Your Masterclass Presenter


I'm Judy Celmins

Startups are my passion!

Having been a small business mentor for over 30 years, owned my own retail & service businesses, and launched a tech startup, I’ve seen it all.

Online Learning with Judy Celmins from ThriveableBiz

I’ve experienced first-hand how a Bright Idea in theory can turn from dream into  nightmare.

My drive, my reason for being, is your success. I’ve learned the hard way, now you can learn from me.

So, start on the right path! Join me for this practical Free Masterclass, and let me help you on your journey.

If you see your future beyond tomorrow, then stop trying to go back to the past. There’s a bright future ahead for anyone who chooses to embrace it.

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