How to thrive in business under pressure!

We come from a Media & Entertainment world of finding opportunities & creating ideas in high-pressure, 24/7 situations.

Combined with mentoring small businesses, by unearthing their point-of-focus in a crowded space.

We love pulling apart customer needs with clear-headed, logical steps, based on real-life insights.

And sharing our learning-programs, methods, and tools to navigate this journey, and even have fun along the way!

Every customer touchpoint can be engaging to build the relationship, and help you drive positive change.

We’ll show you how, Eriks & Judy 😊

The Secret To Finding Winning Opportunities.

The key to unlocking your Thriveable Biz is in 5 simple questions you ask yourself every day.

And we’re sharing them for Free. You don’t even have to give up your email 😊

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Your success rocks my world.

I’ve been a small business mentor for over 30 years, and owned my own retail & service businesses, so I know what it’s like at the coalface!

Together with my partner I’ve applied our experience, knowledge and skills in designing fun & friendly, step-by-step, online learning.

I’m practical and organised, and I love problem-solving with a dash of creativity. And I understand how in your busy world, it’s not easy to fit in learning and change.

I can help. Just reach out to me anytime to chat about your needs, with no obligation.

Online Learning with Judy Celmins from ThriveableBiz


I’ve always been in the innovation business. Producing fresh material to entertain fickle radio audiences was my career for many years. One flick of a switch and they could be gone. Sales revenue depended on ratings and ratings depended on me. It was tough. But now I use what I learned to help other businesses, like you, deliver what’s next.

“Anyone can innovate. With an open-mind to new possibilities, and an open-heart to bring people with you.”- Eriks Celmins

Innovate To Win eBook

Innovate to Win

Innovation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a systemised approach to get there.

Follow these three stages and you can’t fail.

  • Stage 1 Exploration: Gather information to establish context.
  • Stage 2 Ideation: Get real-world opinions then put that insight to work. 
  • Stage 3 Validation: Sense-check by asking the right questions.

The Engagement Method

If you want to stay ahead of people’s ever-changing needs, you’ve got to know what they are. The Engagement Method is designed to help you do this. With a little help from us, in the form of videos, podcasts, and webinars, you’ll be able to methodically extract the ideas and insights you need to innovate smarter.

The Engagement Method - Engage4Insights