What makes ThriveableBiz different?

We are creative insights-driven marketing professionals who have developed fresh ideas for businesses for over three decades.

At our core we're about entertainment. 

That's critical in today's constantly connected 24/7 world.

Every business is in the entertainment business - really! To breakthrough, you have to connect.

You need creative ideas that build a connection with your audience. The industry doesn't matter, from retail to manufacturing and service businesses, it's all about building a strong connection, and you can't do that without insights and creativity. 


started dreaming up ideas for businesses in her teens, riding a rollercoaster of fun & excitement ever since. Now it’s her passion to help others and to share what she’s learned along that path.

Giving is very much in her nature, leading her to mentor early-stage start-ups in the early-90s and still volunteers her time.

“Every business starts off as a dream. Blending that with our individual personality makes every business unique.”

 That mix of experiences working with hundreds of small businesses and operating her own successful and not so successful ventures are hard-earned lessons at the core of our book.

She and her partner Eriks have created a range of small business tools together. The Thriveable Pathway© leads to a Growth Strategy, and Innovate To Win is a systematic approach to bringing innovation to reality. The Engagement Method© is a market research process well ahead of its time.

Judy is now introducing her own financial forecasting models for start-ups and businesses that want to expand. And has built several online training courses. She is a trusted, registered service provider for the Regional Business Partners and Ministry of Social Development in New Zealand.

Practical, pull-no-punches, creative problem-solver. Judy is a big-picture thinker who challenges the status quo - opening opportunities to work with small businesses that aspire to the next level.

Currently co-founder of the NZ-based ThriveableBiz marketing consultancy for small businesses.


has always liked pulling things apart to see how they work. That endless curiosity came together with an early love of radio as ‘theatre of the mind’ and music as a cornet/trumpet player. Leading him to a lifetime adventure in entertainment content & marketing.

He has ranged from producing top-rating radio programs and creating innovative promotions to managing multimillion-dollar marketing and research budgets.

Known as a strategic thinker, able to find hidden connections and insights to create new ideas, he consults to companies who want a differentiated competitive edge. Often brought in for new challenger brand launches against established players. Including in Australia, NZ, Fiji, PNG, SE Asia, UK, and Europe

Eriks is a Full Member of The Research Society (Australia). And in 2018, the industry website Radio Today named him one of Australian FM Radio’s Most Successful Programmers of All Time.

He thrives in the disruption of fast-moving environments because of the opportunities to break with the status quo and innovate. Using both left and right-brain abilities to instantly switch from deep insights analysis to imagining new possibilities.

“Many marketing problems are caused not by a lack of resources, but a lack of insights, imagination, and differentiation. When you understand your customer as a friend, not a transaction, you’re on the path to creating your own unique, loved, and trusted identity.”

Eriks applies this philosophy as co-founder of the NZ-based ThriveableBiz marketing consultancy for small businesses.

Together Judy & Eriks are a dynamic force. Driven to be the best and help others along that path. When they first met in radio over 30 years ago, it was like two minds coming together from different directions.

As a top sales representative, Judy brought her restless energy and commitment to solving client problems with effective advertising campaigns. Eriks, the program director, knew how to research audience tastes and entertain people with engaging shows.

They are a focussed, creative combination of marketing strategy and execution. Constantly challenging assumptions and bouncing ideas around to make life better for their clients - and their customers.

Judy & Eriks Celmins - Authors Marketing = Customers + Heart

Marketing = Customers + Heart by Judy & Eriks Celmins

Marketing = Customers + Heart

We finally got it out of our heads and onto paper. This is a great resource on how you can create fresh thinking that will turn you into a ThriveableBiz.

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At ThriveableBiz we about helping you connect with your customers for a deeper understanding of their pressured world, and what they need from you. Real-life insights to seize new opportunities, match your SUPERPOWER with their needs, define your point-of-difference, and build your messaging.

Start by checking out our Free Stuff, packed with loads of information to get you started via Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, and Tip-Sheets.

Your Thriveable Pathway© to a more secure future where you’re in the driver’s seat.

Backed by our decades of challenging the norm and problem-solving, in a wide variety of innovative businesses.

Including Retail, Mentoring, Event-Management, IT Development, Market Research, and Media & Entertainment.

What is the Thriveable Pathway©?

We have a wide variety of tools and techniques to navigate through your specific situation and challenges.

This is NOT one rigid package that wastes your time and money on activity of no relevance to you.

It IS a series of logical, flexible steps that we’ve used for over 30 years to help many types of businesses grow their customers and sales.

marketing ideas for small business Take Control - Regain your freedom - ThriveableBiz

We can design a personalised Thriveable Pathway© for you from our resources of interactive workbooks, videos, checklists, tip-sheets, and templates to guide you to your most profitable destination.

To follow at your own pace and budget, and use over & over again as your situation changes.

Addressing the key areas of…

  • Building stronger customer relationships.
  • Discovering unmet customer needs.
  • Identifying potential opportunities.
  • Matching opportunities with your Superpower capabilities.
  • Generating targeted new ideas.
  • Creating a marketing story that resonates with customers.

The Engagement Method©

If you want to stay ahead of people’s ever-changing needs, you’ve got to know what they are. The Engagement Method©

is designed to help you do this. It’s designed to build relationships with customers while gathering valuable insights. With a bit of help from us, in the form of videos, podcasts, webinars, workshops, or our do-it-for-you packages. You’ll be able to methodically extract the ideas and insights you need for constant improvement that delights your customers.

Schedule a casual chat with Judy now, to see if this is right for your business.

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