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Nothing kills a business like poor customer insights and lack of innovation. So we put together all the tools you need to outwit your competition and delight your customers.

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I’ve always been in the innovation business. Producing fresh material to entertain fickle radio audiences was my career for many years. One flick of a switch and they could be gone. Sales revenue depended on ratings and ratings depended on me. It was tough. But now I use what I learned to help other businesses, like you, deliver what’s next.

“Anyone can innovate. With an open-mind to new possibilities, and an open-heart to bring people with you.”- Eriks Celmins


Years ago I was research manager for a large media company. It was my job to collect data so we could grow our audience and attract more revenue. Most research was done over the phone or in person. The problem was it was intrusive, impersonal, and deeply flawed. People weren’t engaged. It wasn’t doing its job so I found another way.

“I unearthed the best method of collecting audience insights. Now I teach it to others. We even designed Social Forum, our world-first audience-led chat platform. Bag golden nuggets of data you’d never get anywhere else.”- Judy Celmins

Judy Celmins - Engage4Insights
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Innovate to Win

Innovation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a systemised approach to get there.

Follow these three stages and you can’t fail.

  • Stage 1 Exploration: Gather information to establish context.
  • Stage 2 Ideation: Get real-world opinions then put that insight to work. 
  • Stage 3 Validation: Sense-check by asking the right questions.

The Engagement Method

If you want to stay ahead of people’s ever-changing needs, you’ve got to know what they are. The Engagement Method is designed to help you do this. With a little help from us, in the form of videos, podcasts, and webinars, you’ll be able to methodically extract the ideas and insights you need to innovate smarter.

The Engagement Method - Engage4Insights