How to thrive in business under pressure!

Trying everything to get your marketing to cut-through?

There’s one step that most skip over. And it’s a crucial step in your business.

It’s the reason many start-ups fail. It’s the reason $ billions are wasted on advertising.

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At ThriveableBiz we about helping you connect with your customers for a deeper understanding of their pressured world, and what they need from you. Real-life insights to seize new opportunities, match your SUPERPOWER with their needs, define your point-of-difference, and build your messaging.

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Your Thriveable Pathway© to a more secure future where you’re in the driver’s seat.

Backed by our decades of challenging the norm and problem-solving, in a wide variety of innovative businesses.

Including Retail, Mentoring, Event-Management, IT Development, Market Research, and Media & Entertainment.

Eriks & Judy 


Your success rocks my world.

I’ve been a small business mentor for over 30 years, and owned my own retail & service businesses, so I know what it’s like at the coalface!

Together with my partner Eriks I’ve applied our experience, knowledge and skills in designing the step-by-step, Thriveable Pathway©

I’m practical and organised, and I love problem-solving with a dash of creativity. And I understand how in your busy world, it’s not easy to fit in learning and change.

I can help. Just reach out to me anytime to chat about your needs, with no obligation.


I’ve always been in the innovation business. Producing fresh material to entertain fickle radio audiences was my career for many years. One flick of a switch and they could be gone. Sales revenue depended on ratings and ratings depended on me. It was tough. But now I use what I learned to help other businesses, like you, deliver what’s next.

“Anyone can innovate. With an open-mind to new possibilities, and an open-heart to bring people with you.”- Eriks Celmins

What is the Thriveable Pathway©?

We have a wide variety of tools and techniques to navigate through your specific situation and challenges.

This is NOT one rigid package that wastes your time and money on activity of no relevance to you.

It IS a series of logical, flexible steps that we’ve used for over 30 years to help many types of businesses grow their customers and sales.

marketing ideas for small business Take Control - Regain your freedom - ThriveableBiz

We can design a personalised Thriveable Pathway© for you from our resources of interactive workbooks, videos, checklists, tip-sheets, and templates to guide you to your most profitable destination.

To follow at your own pace and budget, and use over & over again as your situation changes.

Addressing the key areas of…

  • Building stronger customer relationships.
  • Discovering unmet customer needs.
  • Identifying potential opportunities.
  • Matching opportunities with your Superpower capabilities.
  • Generating targeted new ideas.
  • Creating a marketing story that resonates with customers.

The Engagement Method©

If you want to stay ahead of people’s ever-changing needs, you’ve got to know what they are. The Engagement Method©

is designed to help you do this. It’s designed to build relationships with customers while gathering valuable insights. With a bit of help from us, in the form of videos, podcasts, webinars, workshops, or our do-it-for-you packages. You’ll be able to methodically extract the ideas and insights you need for constant improvement that delights your customers.

Schedule a casual chat with Judy now, to see if this is right for your business.

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