Be a ThriveableBiz, with customers at your heart. Follow the 7 Stages revealed in Marketing Customers + Heart. 

And build your Small Business Growth Strategy

ThriveableBiz Ukrainian Fundraiser

Help a Ukrainian family. Learn and support yours. 

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More than a marketing book, it's a way of business!

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Marketing = Customers + Heart
Marketing = Customers + Heart

What others are saying about Marketing = Customers + Heart

Brad March Managing Director Marchmedia

Stand Out

Don’t go for the tried and true things that have been done before. Be unique and different, it’s important that your business stand out and cut though all the noise.

Read everything you can get your hands on, about strategy, creativity, leadership - anything that can help stimulate your thinking.

Motivation is just the starting point and won’t sustain you. Discipline is the ability to keep pushing ahead, when you no longer have the motivation.

Marketing = Customers + Heart will teach you how to be unique and different to sustain you through to the next level.

This book could be the catalyst you need to make some positive changes in your business

Robin McAdam Owner/Operator Port Douglas Apartments

Tested Techniques

Using these methods and techniques, I've been able to turn two mediocre performing hotels into the top performers in their market.

Bart Mead Senior Business Banker

Reshaped Understanding of Marketing

This book reshaped my understanding of marketing, and constructively challenged
the traditional tropes and conventions I have heard repeated by business owners
over the years. A valuable resource for anyone looking to take their customer
relationships to the next level.

Billy Hansen Consultant and Founder at Contracta.NZ

Refreshing Departure from Buzz-Words

In a corporate world of buzz-words and cliches, people's words are becoming less and less their own. Marketing = Customers + Heart is a refreshing departure from such a trend, providing cut through and thoughtful insight which I was frequently able to apply back to my own challenges and experiences in business and in life. The business community across Australiasia and beyond would do well to read this book.

Linda Melhuish Linda Melhuish, Health & Wellness Coach, Unlimited Life Solutions Ltd

Well Structured With Tangible Tasks

I really enjoyed reading this book and I'm not a great reader by any means. Each chapter was well structured providing me with tangible tasks to work on in my own business. Marketing is something which alludes me and by following the guidelines laid out in the book, I'm confident that I can get a good marketing plan in place. The stories helped me identify with scenarios I have come up against in life and business. An easy read with a very nice structure.

Wade Kingsley Founder - The Ideas Business

Practical Steps To Finding Your Next Customer

What I love the most about Marketing = Customers + Heart is how practical the steps are! So many Marketing books are aimed at making the author famous, and not to help you get sales. If you follow the advice in here from Judy and Eriks, you'll find it so much easier to find your next customer. And your next. And your next.

Marketing = Customers + Heart is a living book

Each of the 7 Stages gives you access to exclusive,

constantly updated content via QR Codes. Get your copy today!

Your Thriveable Future!

Marketing = Customers + Heart is a clear, practical, and proven formula for what it takes to win as a small business. Join us, Judy and Eriks Celmins, as we share The 7 Stages of building a growth strategy – which you can implement immediately, and every day. Developed over our three decades of experience challenging conventions and problem-solving in a wide range of innovative businesses and industries, this formula will help you:

  • Build a solid foundation to create, understand, nurture, and retain customers.
  • Tap into your hidden reserves of creativity for new and exciting ideas.
  • Feel confident that your marketing decisions are finally on target with your goals and aspirations.
  • Discover how stronger customer relationships lead to deeper insights and greater growth.
  • Expand your mindset and easily identify new opportunities before your competitors.

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Print/Kindle/ eBook/Audio

Marketing = Customers + Heart on Kindle
Marketing = Customers + Heart Booktopia
Marketing = Customers + Heart from Book Depository
Marketing = Customers + Heart
Marketing = Customers + Heart

For too long, we've watched  

 small businesses 

stress over marketing decisions.

We wrote this book based on our experiences of working with and owning our own small businesses for over three decades.

It started as a way of documenting what we do, what’s in our head, and what we believe - like a manifesto. But it grew into The 7 Stages of building a growth strategy out of frustration, listening to sad stories of business failure. So often because they didn’t have a marketing foundation, based on satisfying customer needs. 

We haven’t met a business person that doesn’t agree that customers are at the heart of your business. But not many understand what that TRULY means. Combined with a misunderstanding of what marketing really is, has led small businesses down a path of waste with messaging that doesn’t connect.

Yes, there are many books on the topic of marketing. But very few are specifically written for small businesses. That lay out the pathway in easy digestible Stages.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economies, yet they often miss out on this critical information. Many have had to learn the hard way or fail in the process. But it’s never too late to put customers at your heart – let us show you how.

Each Stage is presented in a mix of anecdotes, tips, case stories, quotables for presentations, and templates. With Action Points at the end of each chapter to get you started.

As a special feature, you’ll find QR codes at the start of each Stage - which link to landing pages we are constantly refreshing with new resources, including entertaining and informative videos. Marketing = Customers + Heart is a living book that’s always up-to-date!

Whether you're an existing business, or starting out on your journey, this is a book you can tap into over and over again.

If you’re still not sure if this is right for you, then download a Free Chapter Preview by clicking on the link below. 

It is a direct download, no email required.

Judy & Eriks Celmins - Authors Marketing = Customers + Heart
We love untangling problems to find creative business opportunities.

Together Judy & Eriks are a dynamic force, driven to be the best and help others along that path. When they first met in radio over 30 years ago, it was like two minds coming together from different directions. As a top sales representative, Judy brought her restless energy and commitment to solving client problems with effective advertising campaigns. Eriks, the Content Director, knew how to research audience tastes and entertain people with engaging shows.

 They are a focused, creative combination of marketing strategy and execution, constantly challenging assumptions and bouncing ideas around to make life better for their clients – their customers.

Find out more of our story on our About page.

Help a Ukrainian family. Learn and support yours. 

ThriveableBiz Ukrainian Fundraiser

Like most of the world, we watch in horror at what is happening to Ukrainian people. People just like us, with families and businesses. But in one violent act, their lives have been changed forever. In so many cases, their homes and community are left in tatters.

For the past 3 years, we’ve been working with an awesome graphic artist based in Cherkasy, Ukraine. As soon as we heard of the invasion, I messaged him to make sure he and his family were OK. This is the message I received.

“I never could imagine that such a war could be in the civilised world nowadays. It is quite calm now in my town, although I was forced to take my family out of the country to keep them safe. Hope peace will come to my country, and I will be reunited with my wife and children soon. All I can do now is work to provide for my family living abroad and help those who arrive here from hot points.”

We could not read that, watch the news, then do nothing.

Eriks' parents came to New Zealand in the late-1940s as Displaced Persons, escaping the Russian occupation of Latvia. Many of his family were in business and landowners who were deported to Siberia. So this is very close to our hearts.

We aim to raise AUD $10,000 from all our book profit to support Ukrainian families. So please help us spread the word. Buy the book, buy one for friends or family who are in business, or want to be in business.

Share on social media, or buy a copy for a friend or family as a gift that gives in every way.

Full Disclosure

Donating our profit isn’t as easy as it sounds. We won’t bore you with the details, but instead, have outlined the key points below. However, if you would like to know more about how we are managing these funds, please email judy@thriveablebiz.com

Gross Profits –we will not be taking out the expenses we incurred to produce the book. The donation will be whatever royalties we receive.

Each reseller has different commission levels. Plus it differs based on the type of book you purchase. (print, Kindle, ebook or audio). Add to that it will be based on the exchange rate at the time of payment. It all means we can’t be specific at this stage as to the amount of money we’ll be able to donate.

However, as a guide, the team who helped us on this publishing journey Indieexperts, has put together the following estimates.

  •  Ingram Spark US$5.70 - print
  • Amazon US$7.00 - print
  • Kindle US$3.00
  • Draft2Digital US$2.65 - ebook
  • Findaway Voices US$4.00 – audio

To make sure the funds get to Ukraine as soon as possible, we will donate based on sales, not on the royalty payments. However, once the payments arrive, we will make up any shortfall in our donation. If we over-estimate, that's fine by us.

If you would like more information about how we're managing these payments please email judy@thriveablebiz.com

Our Chosen Charity

ReliefAid Ukraine appeal

Providing tangible help to those who need it most was our criteria for selecting a charity to direct the funds.

A big part for us was to make sure your efforts went to those who needed it. Now.

ReliefAid is primarily operated by dedicated volunteers, which means 97% of donations will provide emergency relief on the ground in Ukraine.

You can find more information below, including links on how you can help them directly.

(this is taken directly from your pdf )

Who are ReliefAid?

ReliefAid was founded in late 2014 by kiwi Mike Seawright, after a decade of working in conflict zones. We specialise in delivering emergency aid to people affected by conflict. We have delivered emergency aid to over 250,000 people caught in the crossfire of war in Syria in Afghanistan. We operate with minimum overheads (3%) by virtue of our partnerships and a strong volunteer base, enabling donations to us to go directly from NZ to deliver aid within the country it is needed.

What are ReliefAid doing in Ukraine?

Over 7.1 million people are estimated to be displaced in Ukraine, and this is growing. Many remain in bomb damaged buildings and collective centres and have no electricity, gas, reticulated water or access to the basics like food and hygiene materials. Every day this number grows. Our target is to reach as many as possible with emergency food, medical supplies, shelter materials and materials for repairing missile damage. The necessities to keep them alive until more permanent solutions can be found.

What has ReliefAid achieved to date (15th April) in Ukraine? Of course, these figures are constantly changing, but this will indicate the enormity of work.

Since ReliefAid’s Founder Mike Seawright arrived in Ukraine mid March. We have established a team in Ukraine of international staff, Ukrainian nationals and voluntary groups dedicated to delivering humanitarian aid to the people most in need. As a result of donations and partnerships we have:

1. Provided and delivered over six tonnes of food to people in places impacted by the worst of the fighting North of Kyiv including Bucha, Hostomel, Irpin. Meat, fresh vegetables, milk and dried goods - ours were some of the first food deliveries into these areas. Each day van loads of food and hygiene materials make treacherous journeys to reach people where access is difficult due to damaged roads and mines.

2. Provided medical supplies to hospitals treating trauma cases in and around Kyiv. Items like tourniquets, for first line emergency care. We have also secured 12 pallets of medical supplies, donated by a Canadian organisation, which are being flown in next week.

3. Secured shelter kits for 6,000 families, through our UK partners, which we start distributing tomorrow. These include:

Thermal blankets, mattresses, solar lamps with cell phone charging capability, water containers and hygiene kits. To bring our work to life, take a look at a couple of short videos one of our volunteers has pulled together for ReliefAid’s social media: Ukraine food distributions.

We are working with volunteers and communities in Ukraine who are doing their utmost to support each other. Our work is being supported by volunteers and communities in NZ who are doing their utmost to support Ukraine. Humanity at its best. Where can I get more information?

ReliefAid’s website: www.reliefaid.org.nz

ReliefAid’s Ukraine Give a Little Appeal: https://givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/ukraine-appeal-reliefaid

We can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Search ReliefAid

Have you read Marketing = Customers + Heart?

We'd love to hear about how our book helped you in your business!  Drop a review to clear the path for others. 

If you purchased via Amazon click on the appropriate button. For other resellers you can either go back to their page OR leave one directly on this site. Thank you for your help in spreading the love and helping more Ukrainian families.

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