Your Guide To People-Friendly Research

Engaging research can open a lot of doors.  I should know, my career in media and entertainment opened my eyes to it.

Now it's your turn. These videos reveal my top research secrets.

Are you ready?

Shareback Goes Beyond Saying Thank You In Research
What Business Can Learn From Media
How to have a conversation with your customers.
Insights vs. Facts
Emotional Intelligence and Market Research
Are You Spamming Your Customers With Research?
What Type of Market Research Do I Need?
Actionable Insights For Stronger Customer Relationships
How Can Insights Drive Innovation?
Let’s Start A Conversation With Customers
Warm Up Your Audience And Improve Response
How To Turn Around A Bad Customer Experience
Have A Conversation For Inspired Marketing
What’s The Future Of Business Beyond Covid-19?
Are You Turning To Meetings To Solve A Problem?
Should You Be Focusing On Customers Or Competitors?
Segmenting Your Database For Targeted Communication

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