So what is the definition of Insights and how does that relate to your business?

In this video I discuss the difference between the spreadsheet, and getting to the emotional drives of insights. 

Helping you create your next big thing.

Prefer to read?  Here's the transcript ...

Q:  It seems that everything is an Insight? But what does it really mean?

A:  The true definition of insights is a deep clear understanding of someone or a situation. Going below the surface of what’s obvious, and even developing your intuition.

Q:  How are insights different from facts?

A:  So much research is survey based. People tick boxes so you can gather Facts about the Who and What of your brand. But it doesn’t really explain the Why that you get from Insights.

Q:  So why is the Why so important?

A:  You need that deeper understanding to drive continuous improvement and come up with that creative innovation you need to stay ahead of the pack.

Q:  What sort of Insights do Brands need?

A:  People make their entertainment choices, based on a range of emotions. Do they need to laugh … relax … escape? You want to know Why at those touch-points.

Q:  Can you give me an example?

A:  It’s like your relationship with family & friends. On the one hand you have lots of Facts about them, like what they do on their recreation time. On the other you have an Insight into their emotional need for choosing that activity. With those sorts of Insights into their Hearts and Minds, you can fine-tune your offering to fit their needs at the time.

Q:  How do Insights relate to Emotional Intelligence?

A:  EQ is about empathising with other people, so you can build a closer relationship.

Q:  But how does that help a brand?

A:  So, you can collect piles of data, which gives you that high IQ. And it’s certainly good to have that as a base. But then on top of that, your EQ comes from having deeper Insights, that are helping you to understand not only What people want.  But Why they want it, so you can deliver a more engaging experience.

Q:  So what are you options?

A:  You can choose between … Insights over Facts … EQ over IQ … Conversations over Surveys. Go with Heart over Head and your Fans will love you for it!

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