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Marketing Training for Your Business.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the right marketing technique for your business. If only it was that simple.

Marketing isn’t rocket science, but it is complex. Understanding the complexity - helps you make informed decisions on the right direction for your business.

Innovate to Win Program


My name is Judy Celmins, I started ThriveableBiz mainly out of frustration in watching small businesses waste sooo much time and money trying to connect with their customers.

          I see very little that connects and inspires people to buy.

And the number of times I get asked out of the blue… “Will x work in my business?” My answer is, maybe? I know, not at all helpful…lol.

The thing is that I need to know a lot more about your business. Every business is as unique as you are.

You blend into the background if you do the same as other businesses in your category. And that’s not going to help you grow.


Now, some elements are very similar, and that’s where knowledge of all sorts of marketing comes into play. Blending that with your uniqueness is what creates breakthrough marketing.

          It’s a creative dance. Understanding the market and the channels working together creates what seems like magic at times.

That’s why I’ve created this Digital Marketing Training.

Now, I can do all your marketing for you. But I believe in helping you understand where and why your money goes.

          That empowers you and makes it easier to make ongoing decisions in your marketing.

As one of my students, Rachel, said, “... over the years I have been enrolled and attended many other online and in person seminars always with various results. Since undertaking the ThriveableBiz marketing course I have been so impressed with the content and support from Judy...”

You’ll work with me to target the areas that are most important to you. Plus, you’ll have ongoing access to 26 weeks of recorded training covering all marketing areas, and I’ll continually update it.

Marketing that connects with your audience and drives them to take action is the outcome of this one-on-one training. It’s a tailored program, covering aspects like understanding your target and why they buy. You’ll define your purpose and point of difference, taking that through to writing engaging copy. This removes you from playing the no-win pricing game. Instead, you add real value, which sets you apart from competitors.

          For as little as $1000 you can take control of your marketing. 

Plus, registered businesses may qualify for a voucher to cut that in half!

Regional Business Partner Network

Small businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay (50%) for services such as this training that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers.

Management Capability Development Vouchers are only available through the Regional Business Partner Network (RBP) Growth Advisors. 

Vouchers may be provided to a business where the Growth Advisors have identified a need for management training as part of an action plan to support the business owner to grow and innovate their business. For more information on the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund or to find your local Growth Advisor go to regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz

You can also schedule a confidential chat with Judy to discuss your needs and introduce you to your local RBP Advisor.

What Students Say About The Training


It is an approach that has worked like nothing else

I have been a business owner since 2017, running a business, attracting clients, marketing and
social media presence was something I knew nothing about, over the years I have been enrolled
and attended many other online and in person seminars always with various results. Since
undertaking the ThriveableBiz marketing course I have been so impressed with the content and
support from Judy. It is an approach that has worked like nothing else I have
undertaken before. Each week you are genuinely excited about what the course offers, what you
can learn and practical ways to implement in the business. Honestly, if this type of course
material was available to me in the beginning I could have saved years of fumbling and


More Patience

The training has been wonderful. I try things now with a lot more patience whereas before I would have thought
it was too hard or would have given up.

Mary Hurrell

Saved myself thousands in marketing fees.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Judy for the training so far, from what I
have learned I have been able to create my own website for the new side hustle I have going on. Then showing someone's website with a booking system and how that can benefit your business which I have done, + all the info I have learned about SEO, think I have saved myself thousands in marketing fees!

Kirstie Marie , Side Hustle

The training has helped immensely!

The training has helped immensely! Trying new things all the time, and we know whose brain to pick if we have

Hamish Reid , Owner - PKME Innovations

I understand a lot more now how to utilise my online presence more effectively.

I have found the ThriveableBiz training really beneficial. I have already implemented much of what I have learnt, and there is still more to do. Knowing I can go back to those topics and watch the recorded session at any time is reassuring, and I know I can implement as I need them. Thank you Judy for facilitating such a great course. It has definitely helped me. I understand a lot more now how to utilise my online presence more effectively. I've learned so much that I have put in place or have a plan to put in place.


I'm a lot more confident!

The course has enabled me to be able to increase my knowledge in digital applications. I'm a lot
more confident on my computer and will attempt a new task myself. In the past I would have
asked for help much sooner. My in depth understanding is much deeper now.

Helen Pidwerbesky , Owner - Neat Spaces

Wouldn't have done this without the training.

Facebook content calendar in place and also some templates we have designed to give a consistent look to our posts.
Find the calendar a great tool to make you sit down and plan. Not just the post content but also
logistics such as ingredients / till changes etc but also the team comms regarding the 'why',
'who' 'when' and 'how' regarding our post.
Wouldn't have done this without your training Judy.


Your thoughts and experience around all of digital marketing things are where the real value is!

Thanks that was a massive session with heaps of ideas and resources. Lots to think about in conjunction
with the persona work and who we want to work with and how they engage and.... the 50 other things you
are getting us to think about. Your thoughts and experience around all of digital marketing things are where
the real value is! I am very grateful to be on the course.


Helpful and Inspiring

Many thanks Judy as you have been very helpful and inspiring

Glenis Youngman , On an adventure

Updated my digital skills

Who knew there was so much to learn?! Seriously, I am enjoying the course and the topics are
making more and more sense to me as we build up our knowledge. I have found myself noticing how
other people's sites work (or not), so I must be learning.

Awesome work team.

Jo Buckner
Secure your future, step by step with ThriveableBiz

Training Outline

This training is what every business needs to connect and engage with its audience, so they always come back for more.

It takes you from being stuck in the pack with competitors to standing out for the right reasons.

Marketing is more than writing an advertisement. It’s the foundation of your entire business - why you’re in business and what problems you solve for your customers.

 All training is developed for your individual needs - no cookie cutter here.

  • Marketing Strategy - understanding your WHY
  • The skills to run marketing research.
  • Conversation-starters to use in everyday customer-relationship building.
  • Question techniques to keep you updated with changing customer needs.
  • How to create new ideas for your business, to handle any business challenge you’re presented with.
  • How to identify marketing opportunities to reach your audience.
  • Website design that drives traffic and delivers results.
  • e-Commerce websites
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogs 
  • Which social media platforms are right for you.
  • Develop your unique story that engages customers.
  • The art of writing engaging copy.
  • Google Tools
  • Accounting Tools
  • And heaps more

This training has been developed from lessons learned from owning small businesses and mentoring countless others over the past 30 years. And comes from our award-winning book Marketing = Customers + Heart.

The training will take place via Zoom or, as appropriate, face-to-face. The timing will be based on your needs, either over one month or spread over three. Plus, you get life-time access to the recorded training.

Whether you’re a start-up or a long-standing business, if you want to move to the next level, you need a deeper understanding of customers and marketing opportunities. Blended they will give you the tools for growth.

Look forward to having a chat and developing a training solution for your specific needs.

About Judy

I'm passionate about marketing strategy. Understanding what works, discovering trends, generating fresh ideas.

I know from deep experience how marketing is the heart of any business. And making that heartbeat stronger is THE fundamental centre of all business planning.

I've built and operated a wide variety of innovative businesses. Including retail, service, event management, and market research.

I'm most proud of our new book Marketing = Customers + HeartHow to build your small business growth strategy.

We wrote it so others could benefit from our experience. And pretty chuffed by winning a gold award and receiving rave reviews.

So, if marketing is stressing you out, reach out to me to chat about your needs, with no obligation.

Online Learning with Judy Celmins from ThriveableBiz

What is the Thriveable Pathway©?

We have a wide variety of tools and techniques to navigate through your specific situation and challenges.

This is NOT one rigid package that wastes your time and money on activity of no relevance to you.

It IS a series of logical, flexible steps that we’ve used for over 30 years to help many types of businesses grow their customers and sales.

marketing ideas for small business Take Control - Regain your freedom - ThriveableBiz

We can design a personalised Thriveable Pathway© for you from our resources of interactive workbooks, videos, checklists, tip-sheets, and templates to guide you to your most profitable destination.

To follow at your own pace and budget, and use over & over again as your situation changes.

Addressing the key areas of…

  • Building stronger customer relationships.
  • Discovering unmet customer needs.
  • Identifying potential opportunities.
  • Matching opportunities with your Superpower capabilities.
  • Generating targeted new ideas.
  • Creating a marketing story that resonates with customers.

Engagement Method©

You can’t provide what customers want without understanding Why they buy.

It’s fundamental to doing business. Yet, how you gather this information is critical. You’ll get cold responses if you send out a cold survey.

But warm it up with the Engagement Method© and your responses are more emotive. And it’s the emotion that connects with your audience.

We developed this technique over years of experiments. And you can benefit. Reach out to us to find out how.

The Engagement Method - Engage4Insights
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