Everyone is different …

But how do you find the right language for your marketing messages to cut through?

In this video I discuss the importance of segmenting your database, and key categories you might use to tag people.

Today, we're talking about segmenting your database, for a better understanding of your fans.

Everyone is different, and that’s why it’s important to tag them by key categories.

So you can ask more specific, customised questions when gathering insights.

And fine-tune your marketing messages in their own language. For example, why not try going beyond the normal demographics of age, gender, income and so on. And explore further into the psychographics of their hearts and minds.

Things like what they do on the weekend?  What are their biggest concerns in life? Are they the first to try new products, or do they wait for others? And you can also break it down into their product preferences. Things like, which features do they value most?

Digging deeper into the Why of your audience behaviour, can help shape your marketing with their most powerful emotional drivers.

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