Having a end screen that says thanks, it's personal!

In this short video, I give an example of how you can personalise the thank you, and include 'share-back'.

It tells the inside story of the value of their contribution. And a different way of building that deeper connection with customers.

Or check out the transcripts ...

Earlier this week I asked a big favour. I needed some help with a research question. And you came back with some great comments, which we can see here ….

And to say thank you, I’d like to share some of those insights with you.

Firstly it was great to hear how research is vital to understanding your customers and your competition, so you can align your marketing and grab opportunities.

There were some concerns, about the ROI on your time and expense in these projects. How long surveys can go on and on, and people don’t complete them. Which also creates negative blowback on the brand. But there are also solutions about creating a strong relationship with your customers. So you can talk to them, and get some quality results back.

What I wanted to do with this video, was show how you can shareback with people and get the rewards of them seeing the value of their contributions. There’s nothing that says I care as much as the personal touch. It’s the real article!

So thank you again, and let’s make research fly!

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