Every day small businesses are sending spam just because they think they have to, all for the sake of KPIs.

But you can warm it up and stop your small business marketing research from being like spam.

Why Should I? 

These days we're pulled in many different directions. With the stresses of business and family, we're just trying to keep it together.

So, if you want my help, if you want to pick my brains on something that will help your business... then I need a good reason.

Ok, if you're a friend, and you've been there for me, of course I'll make time. 

But if you're a stranger and want my help, then sorry, unless there's a compelling reason why, I'm going to say no.

Don't fall for this...

Last week I watched a video sent to businesses talking about collecting insights on your customers. And yes that's really important, so I was curious to see how they recommend you do it.

Their suggestion was to tack on a survey at the end of the transaction... just get the data.

I was yelling out while watching... noooo don't do that. Well ok, you can, but only if you've got that many customers you can afford to piss off a few.

Then I was exposed to a spammy research technique that apparently some marketers use. It's basically telemarketing. Ring a stranger out of the blue and ask them for their time, with nothing in it for them. If they didn't pick up the phone there was an equally spammy script for a message about why you wanted to talk. Followed by an equally spammy email.

I get the theory, it's a numbers game. And yes, you need to understand your audience, that's critically important. 

Now, let's warm it up a bit.

Remember they are real people, not just numbers on a spreadsheet. Treat them with respect, make them feel valued. Not only is it the right thing to do, you'll get better quality insights.

That's vital information which you're going to base decisions on. Plus you'll build a relationship, one that will benefit both of you.

It was drummed into me as a child "don't do to others, what you don't want done to you". So before you hit send on that survey, ask yourself... does it enhance my relationship with that person, or is it just a number on a spreadsheet? 

Your research shouldn't be spam - thriveablebiz

So next time you need marketing research, make it of value and make it about THEM, and you'll get the insights in need for your small business decisions.

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