I'm really concerned about the Customer Experience of surveys inserted in sales funnels.

In this video, I explore the challenges of using these ... and discuss alternatives.

Q: A lot of research I see these days is more like spam, is that a problem?

A: Yes it is, because it’s way too easy now to add these quick and dirty, intrusive, annoying type of surveys into your sales funnel. Things like NPS, exit surveys, customer satisfaction scores and so on. You know, tech is like big-pharma. They have the latest cure-all. But I don’t think businesses realise what the side-effects are.

Q: Yeah, tech is great. But tell me more about those side-effects!

A: Problem is you’re upsetting the most important people in your business, and that’s your loyal customers. And I believe it’s damaging your business. You might think it’s only a couple of quick questions, but everyone’s doing it. It’s all adding up and we’re getting bombarded, and we complain about it.  So why should your customers put up with it as well. Now don’t get me wrong, I get the value of data. But first consider other options before you add to the noise, and downgrade the customer experience.

Q: OK, so how do I get the data I need for decision making, without pissing off my customers?

A: There are so many free reports out there, on such a wide range of topics, you’ll probably find something of use to you. Now I don’t have the scope here to go into all the possibilities. But, before you send out any research, ask yourself first. What’s In It For My Customer? Have a look at it from their perspective. What’s the value to them of ticking your boxes? Because in the end, the most important thing in your decision making is the Why. And not just a spreadsheet full of stats.

Q: Interesting about the Why, can you tell me more about how to do that?

A: Make your customers part of the team. Get them to share their stories about their everyday life. How you can make their life better, what do they like best about you and what you need to fix. It all comes back to using engagement techniques. Make it about them, and make them feel valued and actively involved in the process.

Q: That’s a good point, because in the end all I want is quality information so I can make better decisions.

A: That quality, depends on the level of engagement and how much people trust you. Spam research gives you neither, it’s all about taking. It’s the reason I developed The Engagement Method.

If you’d like to know more about my techniques, just reach out.

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