Market research should be fun & engaging

In this episode I talk about the type of relationship you need, to gather quality, actionable insights.

Treat your fans like they're your family & friends, and you'll create Raving Fans, ready to spread the word!

These days, we all get the importance of having a strong relationship with your audience.

But do you speak to them like family & friends?

For instance, would you send a long survey that feels like a tax-form to your family? Or invite your friends to a boring party?

When you engage in a more personal level, you get better responses. And build a level of trust that traditional research doesn’t deliver.

The goal is to create an emotional connection with your audience. When they feel like they’re making a difference and they’re being listened to. And then they’ll become true-blue brand advocates.

Where they share that as social currency with their friends.  Fun & Engaging research is a win-win. You get more actionable insights, and build a stronger long-term relationship.

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