Picture this ...
You've just finished serving a customer.
And top of mind for YOU, is their feedback.
But what's on THEIR mind? Is it the right time to hit them up?
In this video, I talk about alternatives ?

Have you ever had an issue on your mind that you need to discuss with your partner?

Does it work when you just drop it on them, when they’ve probably got something else on their mind, and you’ve caught them off guard?

It’s the same as if you ask a customer a question out of the blue. And expect an honest and meaningful answer. Businesses often ask for feedback at the end of a transaction. But while it might be useful data, it probably won’t give you that nugget of insight to drive your next big idea.

Instead, stage your conversation like an event. Warm them up, getting them excited. We know from first-hand experience that it will improve your results, and give you more actionable insights.

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