What can we learn about customer engagement from media brands?

And why does it matter?

The quality of research insights you use in decision-making, depends on the level of engagement you have with your 'audience'.

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There are lessons you can learn from the 24/7 world of media, you can use in your business now.

First thing, is to think of your customers like an audience. Which changes the mind-set completely. It means they always need to be engaged with your brand. And the only way to understand what turns them on is to gather insights into their hearts and minds.

So here’s my Trade Secret Tip for today. Use entertainment and engagement values in your research. Which will improve the quality of your decision making, and develop a stronger relationship.

You can no longer send out traditional market research to your social mobile audience. Learn from media, they’ve been doing it a long time. So before you start any research, think Engagement First!

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